CleanFlow: the non chemical anti-fouling systems for the food processing industry.

Application domains: dairy (like milk, cheese and butter), beverages (like Fruit juices and beer) and water.

Smartflow - cleanflow application liquid foods - pasturization pipesSmartflow - Cleanflow application liquid foods - CleanFlow systemSmartflow - cleanflow application liquid foods - pasturization machine

As many heat exchanger systems are fed by hot water and/or steam these systems will suffer from scaling due to calcium carbonate CaCO3 causing this side of the heat exchanger to reduce its efficiency over time and finally resulting in system break down or stop. Using the same technical principles we are able to eliminate the forming of lime scale resulting in more stable process conditions and subsequent lower energy usage.
In many cases we can also contribute to significant reduction/elimination of scaling related problems on the waste water side of your process.


Some references:

  • Passendale cheese (Belgium)
  • Northmilch (Germany)
  • Safilait (Marokko)







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