The separation of crude oil pumped up from the well into gas, water and oil involves a number of stages and processes. EMF is applied today after the primary separation stage in the separation of residual produced water from the oil in the heater treaters or dehydrators. Here the heating of the high mineral content produced water in the heater treater results in the build up of rapid scaling in the treater unit that results in blockage as well as reduced thermal performance. Applications result in companies being able to avoid the use of anti-scaling chemicals meaning that the oil-water emulsion has a lower chemical content.


Further applications of the EMF technology are being developed in the crude oil separation taking advantage of the additional benefits that the technology offers namely anti-foaming; emulsion destabilising; surface tension reduction; viscosity reduction; gas solubility reduction. In all cases the use of the EMF technology provides the potential to cut chemical usage in the oil and gas industry leading to less pollution of the produced fluids and gases which is crucial to the quality of the products, especially in the deeper more modern fields where the make up of the produced crude oil is increasingly complex and the separation intrinsically more difficult.




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