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The application of the correctly designed field to the water leads to the subtle alteration in the fabric of the hydrogen bonding networks by small disturbances in the dipole moments of the water molecules. The subtle alteration in the hydrogen bonding networks has the effect of changes in the solvation and hydration mechanisms surrounding the dissolved solutes and particles. It is this subtle change to the hydration and solvation of the dissolved species that has an important application in the processed water Industry.


In the case of supersaturated water, caused by evaporative heating of mineral solutions, such as often found in Industrial Water applications such as heat exchangers, cooling towers, processed water etc, the dissolved minerals precipitate and form hard limestone deposits, known as scaling, that block pipes and fluid handling systems, due to the insolubility of Carbonates at elevated temperatures.


Application of the correct electromagnetic field to the processed water, via an externally wound coil, results in the changes described above which impact the solvation and hydration of the mineral salts that are dissolved in the hard water. The mechanism of formation of the hydrate complexes is altered and this impacts the form of the nucleation sites in the solution and how the hydrated salt complexes start to bind to the surface of a nucleation point.

Furthermore the crystal size and morphology of the particle mineral salts is altered whereby there is a preponderance to form the aragonite polymorphic structure in preference to the normal calcite structure. These aragonite crystals are smaller than the calcite crystals and being smaller they remain largely concentrated in the fluid and hence do not extend to the outside of the water and nucleate at the surface interface to form a hard scale on the pipe surface. 

Additionally the water, exposed to the correct electromagnetic field, has the further effect that the water can then help remove existing deposited limestone scale in the pipes, as the altered solvation and hydration characteristics, favoring the formation of the smaller aragonite crystals, in the water also combine to increase the solvation potential of the calcium carbonate scale deposits resulting in the gradual loosening and removal of the lime scale deposits which are taken up in the water stream.



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